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The Chempound Round Robin Legacy: 2.2


Warning: nudity, coarse language, bad attempts at humor may or may not appear

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The Chempound Round Robin Legacy: 2.1

Warning: nudity, coarse language, bad attempts at humor may or may not appear
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The Chempound Round Robin Legacy: 2.0

The Chempound Round Robin Legacy: 2.0.

(nudity, coarse language, bad attempts at humor may or may not appear)
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Jonesi's Bitty Corner Set Recolors


I love this little set. So simple and fits everywhere. But I couldn't find recolor that I imagined for my slightly worn styled neighborhood (I have very specific imagination). And I spent hours looking (uhm and downloaded a few hundred files that I liked and had nothing to do with the thing I was looking for). So in the end I decided oh what the hell I'll just make my own. Making my own lasted much shorter than searching. So I'm sharing.  Hope you like them.

The wonderful mesh is by Jonesi at BPS so do go there and download her whole section if you haven't already.
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Under The Bridge: Homeless challenge

Hi guys. I recently took part in The Chempound Round Robin Legacy started by mikelisryker

I'm gonna have generation two (squeaks in excitement) . And while I'm waiting for my turn I decided to post, for practice, this thing I've been amusing myself for last month.

I didn't wanna start a legacy because I'm not sure for how long it could keep my interest before it became a burden on my time so I picked something shorter. It's a homeless challenge (read the info).

Warning:  nudity, coarse language, bad puns and horrible attempts at humor will appear. If you are offended by those move on to something else.
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Blushing:skirts for your ladies

I recently found this great mesh I just had to use. Skirt with Doc Martens boots by slar on MTS (thank you) . And I just had to.

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Old friends new faces

No time for big projects so today I'm going back to giving new faces to my favorite meshes. And of course jenfold's baby doll dress with Doc Martens is one of my favorites.


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I have a serius addiction to jackets


Babydoll dress as AFTop

So even I thought I'll never do meshes I just couldn't help myself. I wanted a puffy babydoll dress as a top and couldn't find a mesh I like. And for extra challenge I wanted it alpha editable. I did regret that decision during 4 hours I spent experimenting with values until I finally managed to get all the layers to show as they suppose to.

Don't get me wrong, I take very little credit for actual meshing. I took Flinn's dress mesh and reconstructed it to fit my desires. All the credit should go to him. It's really a great mesh.
I also had to do some changes in UV map so if you want to transfer textures you have from that mesh some copy/paste action will be needed.

Since I only have idea for 2 textures I wanted that was a bit of a problem. Big thank you to all the wonderful people on GoS that helped me with much needed inspiration.
There are 16 textures now.

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This is a place for my sims CC to find refuge and to post any other sims related stuff I catch my selfe doing or being interested in.
I mostly do clothes but occasionally will venture in object recolors. Hope you will like it.

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